Make the Most of Your Day

Why hello there! Happy Friday!

I was sitting in my room, procrastinating and dreading studying for my finals, when I realized that I was doing nothing but wasting time. After all, today, May 2nd, 2014, has never happened before and will never happen again. That’s pretty damn special, dontchya think? (; So why don’t we make the most of it?!

dwell on the beauty of life

10 ways to make the most of your day:

  • Put down your phone, shut off your  computer, walk away from the TV. No, really. Turn them all OFF. You can survive a little bit without them. I promise that you’ll be okay, and that they’ll all still be there when you for you later on.
  • Go for a walk! Outside. Walking outside is not only a great way to get a natural boost from the outdoors, but by walking, you’re getting those crazy happy exercise endorphins, too. Even if you only have five minutes, do it! I promise you won’t regret it!
  • Concentrate on what you’re doing. Nothing else. Don’t be thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Focus on the present! The present is all that you have right now. So appreciate it! Even little “mindless” tasks, like folding laundry or putting dishes away, can be made mindful if you turn them into a mediation of sorts. Keep your thoughts focused on the task at hand. Enjoy is easy with eyes closed
  • Set goals for yourself. Just because you shouldn’t be obsessing over tomorrow doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be looking forward to tomorrow. Setting goals gives you a sense of purpose, and something to work towards.
  • Pay someone a compliment. The ability to pay someone a true compliment–something you genuinely admire about the person–not only brightens their day, but it shows that you have confidence in yourself. Plus, what goes around comes around, right?
  • Cook a meal from scratch. Resist the temptation to pull out a frozen Lean Cuisine, and get in touch with the food you’re eating. Everything tastes better when it’s homemade.
  • Appreciate the little things. Don’t get caught up in having it all–just appreciate what you do have! Becoming aware and appreciative of just how much you do have is truly a key step in becoming a better, happier person. Don’t get caught up in what you don’t have–appreciate the many things that you do have.
  • Laugh. Laughter is a beautiful thing, and you know what? Life is pretty freaking hilarious if you really stop to think about it. And don’t forget to laugh at yourself, too.

without laughter

  • Love. Love is pretty damn important, too. Find love in everything, and for everyone. Find love for your family, and your friends, and your job. Love for the person that held the door for you, and even for the one that cut you off on your way home from work. Finding love in the craziness of life is important, even if it’s not always easy. Love leads to happiness, though, and to you becoming a better person. So find it in yourself to love others. And while you’re doing this, don’t forget that it’s important to love yourself as well.
  • Last but most definitely not least, take some time for yourself. No matter how busy your day might be, it’s important for your well being that you always find time for yourself. Even if you can only spare half an hour, do something you love–whether that’s reading a book, jamming out alone to your favorite music, (cough cough ME), or taking some time to chat with a friend/significant other about nothing in particular. Do something for YOU.

Well, there are my ten lovely tips for making the most of each day! Did I miss any?

live beautifully

Well, I’d best be off for now. On my agenda for the day:

  • Cleaning the kitchen…
  • Running–not too much, though! Can’t be tired for my ten miles on Sunday!
  • Studying studying studying for way too many finals ):
  • Hopefully convincing the boyf to watch some Office with me on Netflix when he gets back from fishing all day (:

Have a lovely day, everyone! Live it up (:

Lots of love,


Oh, and PS: As per tip #10, what’s your favorite “me time” activity that you like doing just for yourself?

Mine are cooking, running, listening to music, playing guitar, and (currently) watching the Office with Dan! (He got me hooked!)


I would love love love for you to leave me a comment!

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