Do I Care Too Much?

Both of my classes were canceled for the day…how fantastic is that?? And so I forced Dan to take me to Whole Foods. Tehehee. He loves me, though! We ate lunch there… wholefoodslunch danwholefoods Quite attractively ,might I add (; And then dessert! Fruit tart for me: fruittart fruittart2 And then a parfait for Dan…parfait Though I think I ate more of his parfait than he did. Lol. And then we shopped! I think I got enough buckwheat to feed a small army: buckwheat 4.5 pounds, to be exact! I wish you could see how huge that container is…I didn’t think anything would ever fill it. I should have known better!

Do I Care Too Much?

When I was taking pictures of my food in Whole Foods, someone at the table near mine looked over at me–and like, obviously looking at me; she wasn’t even trying to hide it. Now, I know that taking pictures of your food may not be the most normal thing to do, (though, come on–with Instagram, I feel like we should all be used to it by now), but I actually found it pretty rude that she just blatantly stared. And it was definitely enough to make me self-conscious–I sort of just put down the phone (which I was using for a camera) and started talking to Dan, trying to ignore her and pretend I wasn’t taking pictures.

And Dan, being the person he is, picked up my phone and took some pictures for me, telling me that I care too much; I shouldn’t worry so much about what either people think.

I tend to be a really private person–I don’t want anyone knowing too much about me, and I keep more to myself than I probably even should. Dan definitely gets on me for that.

But the thing is, I just can’t help care what other people think, maybe too much. I think about it a lot, honestly. And I don’t want to be judged. But really, what does it matter what they think of me? If they don’t like me, who honestly cares?

Just some thoughts running through my head! (:

Speaking of running…not so sure what my workout’s gonna be today. Hopefully there will be one! Motivation is at an all time low. But I did have a great run yesterday, and so maybe my body is just telling me that I need a break (: And after all, I was just talking about how important it is to listen to your body…

Why is it so much easier to listen to it when it’s telling me I need a break? Lol!

Lots of love,



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