Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s gross out today. ):


Yuck. Where did my sun go?

Despite the weather, I still somehow managed to convince myself to go out for a run. And let me tell you, it was a struggle! My body just did not want to be running today. I felt sluggish and slow and like my legs were 8 million pounds each. I’m blaming the lack of sleep last night due to some late night cram sessions.

After my ten minute warm up, I stopped and stretched for a little bit. I tried giving myself a pep talk to motivate myself to get going. I knew I had to run today, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a good run, and that always worries me knowing that my 10 mile race is coming up so soon!


Eventually, I decided just to go for thirty minutes and then I would call it a day. 

When twenty minutes rolled around, I was ready to be done. At 19:30, I decided to stop in thirty seconds for a short stretch break. However, just before my stopwatch hit the twenty minute mark, I asked myself, “Liz, why are you actually stopping? You’re not out of breath; you’re not in pain; you don’t have a cramp or anything at all. You’re just being lazy.” And so I pushed on, just wanting to make it to thirty minutes.

And then when thirty minutes rolled around, same story. “Just get to forty minutes,” I promised myself, “and then you can stop!”

And so it went like that, until finally I looked at my phone and saw that 53 minutes had gone by, and I was like “you might as well just go for it. And think how great you’ll feel when you’re done.”


I was a proud girl after that run (:

And so I came back and treated myself to some chocolate avocado protein pudding, which was delicious might I just say!

I threw half of a frozen avocado, a frozen banana, a cup of soy milk, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and a couple of ice cubes into my blender.

Yumsters (:

I wish I had a picture of it, but I sadly don’t. I must say it was great, though. A little chalky from the protein powder, but definitely worth it for some post-run restorative power!

All in all, I’m really proud of my workout today. I definitely wasn’t feeling it, but I sucked it up and just did it–something I don’t often do–and I felt great! I think the key is knowing the difference between your body telling you you shouldn’t workout today and your mind telling you you shouldn’t work out today.

So often, people push through injuries and pain, scared of taking some time off and losing some of the fitness they have, but ultimately just hurting themselves in the end. And there are definitely times that I’m one of these people!

Recently, though, I’ve been trying to listen to my body more: Am I actually hungry? Am I just being lazy, or does my body actually need a break from working out? Am I actually getting as many calories as I need, even if I feel like I’m getting plenty based on the typical 2000 cal diet?

Our bodies are unbelievably amazing things. They’re capable of so many things–and we can accomplish all of these things!…So long as we treat our bodies well.

For a long time, I didn’t listen to my body at all. I didn’t care when it was hungry, nor did I care whether or not I was fueling it with real, wholesome foods. I was a low-fat label seeker for such a long time–anything with little to no fat in it, and I was all in. White refined pasta? Sure, count me in. Let me get two boxes, in fact! Swedish fish? Hell yes!

you are what you eat

On top of this, I either over-exercised, or went months without exercising at all. I was a whirlwind mess, and eventually, my body fought back in the only way it knew how, by binging when it had the opportunity to do so.

Now, I’m discovering that when I treat my body well, it treats me well in return. It’s kind of like the whole thing that when I eat like crap, I feel like crap!

Crazy how these things work, right? (:

Well, I’m off to get some work done for school…Yuck.

Oh, and I discovered that both my little toaster oven and my big, actual oven aren’t working. ): It’s a sad, sad time for me. What am I supposed to do with myself??

Lots of love,



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