Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast!

Brekky is probably my favorite meal of the day. It never used to be–I always liked dinner foods better than breakfast ones–but I’ve branched out since then, and discovered how delicious breakfast can actually be. Now, knowing that there’s a great breakfast waiting for me when I wake up is sometimes my motivation to get everything done and get to bed.

Today’s breakfast was a lovely green smoothie, which I was pretty excited about. (: I’ve also been lovin’ my avocado lately. Chocolate avocado pudding? For breakfast? Um, I think so!

So many people simply skip breakfast, rushing out of their house in the morning and figuring that they’ll just eat at lunch, or they’ll grab a granola bar and that’ll do. It’s worth it, though, to make that extra time in the morning for something to eat–not just for the taste, but for your health, too.

Reasons to eat breakfast: (like I needed more excuses to add an extra meal into my day–pssh)

Weight Loss/Management

Though it may seem somewhat contradictory within itself, eating breakfast can actually help people lose weight, and people who eat breakfast generally weight loss than those who don’t.

Breakfast literally “breaks the fast”–it kick-starts our metabolisms for the day, telling our bodies that it’s okay to burn calories, because they’re not in starvation mode. Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day–it’s the time at which our bodies need the most fuel, and also the time at which we have the rest of the day to use up the calories we take in.

Skipping Breakfast Makes You Grumpy

Oh, God, my boyfriend (and basically anyone who knows me well) can definitely attest to the fact that I am not a happy camper if I don’t have food in me. You do not want to come near me if I haven’t eaten breakfast, or any meal for that matter. For real, though, studies have proven that eating breakfast really does put people in a better mood. And after all, why wouldn’t you want to start off your day with something that looks like this? Of course that’s gonna make you happy.


Please note: That wasn’t actually my stack of pancakes in that picture. I typically try not to drown my food in chocolate syrup–though I will admit that the chocolate chips were my favorite part (:

People who eat breakfast are more alert.

Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast actually do better on tests than those who don’t–they remember stuff better and go into the test with a more positive attitude. They also have more energy and a better capacity to pay attention and to learn.

So really. Eat breakfast.

Lower risk of health problems

People have linked breakfast-eating with lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk of heart disease. Conversely, skipping breakfast may result in conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

And…most importantly…

Who doesn’t love breakfast?

Well, I’m headed off. I have classes soon, unfortunately ): Where oh where did my weekend go? I cannot wait until it’s summuhtime again. Summertime and the livin’s easy (;

Lots of love,


P.S.: Do you eat breakfast? What’s your favorite meal??


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