A Year Without Sugar

Yesterday was another ehh day in terms of eating healthy…I started off so great, with a huge green smoothie for breakfast and a pita wrap for lunch and fruit for lunch, and then dinner consisted of spring rolls, cookies, and Reeses cups…

Oh, why does it always work like that?

I’m not complaining too much, though, because those spring rolls were damn good (:

And after all, I’ve accepted that life just happens, and that I simply need to move on from these things. There’s no use getting hung up on them! And there’s no use depriving yourself after overindulging. I learned long ago that that only leads to more overindulging. Now, I look at each meal as an opportunity to start anew! And I have some lovely ideas swirling around my head for breakfast already. Tehehee.

Also, I was reading up on Schaub’s “My Family Stopped Eating Sugar for a Year and This is What Happened.


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Crazy, right?? Hell no I could not go a year without sugar. But I guess that’s the point–our entire lives are so centered around the stuff that we can’t even imagine a day without it, let alone a year. I’m sure that everyone who hasn’t actually tried spending extended time without it would find the idea crazy! After all, sugar is in everything. It’s not like cutting out sugar is as simple as ditching the soda and candy; you literally have to cut out most store-bought processed products–breads, cereals, dressings, tomato sauces, etc.

According to Schaub, though, the difference doing this made was amazing!

“It was subtle, but noticeable: the longer I went on eating without added sugar, the better and more energetic I felt. If I doubted the connection, something happened next which would prove it to me: my husband’s birthday. ”

“After our year of no sugar ended, I went back and counted the absences my kids had in school and compared them to those of previous years. The difference was dramatic. My older daughter, Greta, went from missing 15 days the year before to missing only two. “

And, in one of the few treats the family had in which they did indulge, Eve said that she felt absolutely terrible afterwards! “Not only did I not enjoy my slice of pie, I couldn’t even finish it. It tasted sickly sweet to my now sensitive palate. It actually made my teeth hurt. My head began to pound and my heart began to race. I felt awful.”

banana cream pie

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I know there are many studies on the negative effects of sugar and all of the problems it causes people, but this particular one is especially interesting because a family actually tried it and experienced its effects firsthand.

I think that for me, at least, the main problem with giving up sugar for a year would be that it simply isn’t realistic. It might be possible, but let’s face it–giving it up limits you in many ways, especially at places like restaurants or family parties. Additionally, I know that even if I were able to cut it out for a year, when that year was up I would most likely find myself way overindulging in it! I’ve learned that when I deprive my body of the foods it wants, as soon as I either cave to my cravings or decide to “treat” myself again, I way overdo it.

I do think that sugar can be part of a healthy diet, in the exact same way that everything else is: in moderation. (Though please don’t take my meal last night as a good example of that! Lol.)

I completely believe that cutting out sugar will have a positive effect on energy levels and overall wellbeing–though it makes me wonder whether the Schaub family’s good health during this year was due entirely to their elimination of sugar, or if in part it had to do with the fact that in doing this, they were probably forced to cut out all processed and “junk” foods.

This almost makes me want to try this–though in a way that’s much less extreme! I wonder what a week without sugar would do for my body? Or how long it takes the cravings to go away?

I think my biggest problem would be cutting out fro yo! There’s a YoGo Factory literally right outside my dorm room, and oh God am I ever addicted to that stuff.

I’m also really interested in what would happen if people were to cut out all refined sugars for a year!

Thinking about all this truly blows my mind.

Does a year without sugar sound crazy to you? Or do you think you could do it? What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

I have to say, I think that the end result of this post is that I think that going without sugar for a period of time would be really interesting to try. And also (and more importantly), I’m officially seriously craving a piece of that pie.

Lots of love,


P.S.: A quick fun fact! The average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in a year. That’s six cups a week. That’s absolutely insane!!!





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