10 Questions About Life You Need To Ask Yourself

I found this floating around twitter the other day, and thought it was really interesting. After all, how often do we ask ourselves these things? Everyone gets so caught up in life and in doing the next thing they “need” to do, in figuring out what they have to do to be “successful.” In my opinion, though, success as most people define it is nothing more than superficiality. True success comes from happiness.

Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and ask ourselves where we are in our lives. Are we truly happy? Are there things we could be doing to make ourselves happier?

These are some tough, thought-provoking questions, but I wanted to answer them! I’m trying to be as honest with myself as possible here.


1. Are you doing what you truly want to do?

Right now…yeah, I guess I actually am. I’m currently a writing arts major, and though I know that that’s not exactly the ideal field in terms of job practicality right after college, it’s what I love to do. Writing has always been a passion of mine, and I’m proud of myself and happy with my decision to change from a math major (made it one day! Woot woot) to a writing arts major. I’m also considering adding philosophy as a major, because, well, I love that, too! And because I’ve already accepted my jobless fate (:

2. How many promises have you made and how many of them have you fulfilled?

Hmmm. This one’s a toughie, because I don’t know if I’ve actually made too many promises to other people, other than little ones like keeping something to myself (which I always keep). I have made a lot of promises to myself, though, and I’m not going to lie, I don’t always keep them! Sometimes, I think that the easiest person to lie to is yourself.

3. Will you break the rules because of something/someone you care about?

I’d like to think I would, though this opportunity hasn’t come up too much for me. The only time I can think of is from when I was in high school, and there was a National Honor Society meeting that everyone was going to. One of my friends hadn’t gotten into NHS, and she was really upset about it, and so I stayed back with her even though I was supposed to be at the meeting. That was over two years ago, but I don’t have any more recent examples! Maybe I’m not remembering any because this was the only time I actually did break the rules for someone I care about.

4. Is there anything you can’t let go of but you know you should?

There’s too much. I’m really bad at letting things go, to be completely honest. I know that there are plenty of fights (mainly with Dan) that I drag out way longer than I need to. I also know that I have some old resentments that I haven’t quite been able to let go of, despite knowing that I need to, and knowing that it would be easier on both my relationships with other people and me in general to simply accept my responsibility in the situation and move on from it.

5. Do you remember anyone you hated 10 years ago? Does it matter now?

10 years ago? Let’s see, hahaha, I was what, 8? I don’t even think I knew what it meant to hate someone at that age. But no, I highly doubt it would matter now if I had.

6. If you died now, would you have any regrets?

Yes. I would regret never trying certain things, not trying to grow closer with and learn about many other people, and not putting myself on the line more. I’m so often scared of the unknown and so I end up just staying in my comfort zone, but I always regret it in the end. I need to get out of this habit! There are so many things I say I want to do but I never actually do.

7. Are you afraid of making mistakes even though there’s no punishments at all?

Yes. I’m really afraid of failure in general. There’s some part of me that feels like it’s a shameful thing, and so I try to hide it from other people as much as possible–I don’t admit my true feelings about many situations, never truly admitting just how much I want something or want to be able to do something, in fear of not reaching my goals. I often don’t tell people I’m worried about something until it’s already done and over with. For example, even for little things like going on a run, when people ask me how long I’m planning to go, I never give them an exact number! I don’t want to find out that I’m having a bad day that day and not be able to go as long as I told them I would. I’m afraid of making mistakes and failing others’ expectations, even though I know it’s just a part of life.

8. What’s the difference between you and most other people?

I guess I’m not allowed to say that I don’t know? I’d like to think that I’m willing to work harder than other people. I’ve never honestly considered myself naturally smart, but I’ve always done well in school and gotten good grades–through hard work. While there are many tests that most people consider “easy” and don’t study at all for, I’ll spend hours at night going through the notes until I know the material to the best of my ability. I want and am determined to do well, and I’ll work as hard as I need to to get there.

9. Have you built your character?

I think that everyone builds there character just by living. However, no, I don’t think I’ve done everything that I can do to build and expand upon who I am, and to hopefully discover more about myself. As I said before, I’m often scared of the unknown, and as a result, I tend to stay within my comfort zone, resisting broadening my horizons.

10. If today were the end of the world, what would you do?

If today were the end of the world, I would tell everyone I loved just how much  I love them and how much they mean to me. I don’t always appreciate everything and everyone that I have in my life, but I know that I really do have so many great people in my life, people who love me and go above and beyond for me. I would tell them just how appreciative I am of everything they do for me.

Well, there goes my answers…I wish I could say that I answered each one exactly a I wanted to, but I think I only truly loved my answer to the first one. I’m not unhappy in life, but I know that there are things I could do to make myself happier. I want to start doing some of these things, and especially broadening my horizons more.

So what about you? Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Are there any you need to ask yourself? Any answers you’re willing to share?

Lots of love,




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