Why Hello There

Why, hello! Is anybody there??

I thought for my first post I would say a little bit about myself!

So, to start:

I’m brunette (obviously), 18 years old, and a huge lover of life.


That’s a picture of my boyfriend and me, because I have no good pictures of just myself.


Point proven.

I’m running Broadstreet’s 10 mile on May 4th! And um yes I’m nervous. But excited, too! (:

I live about fifteen minutes outside Philadelphia, and you can count on me begging people to drive there with me multiple times a month for various weird food and clothing items. You can also normally count on them saying no.

I go through phases where I say certain words or phrases all the time. My current word is “awful.” If you talk about situation to me right now that’s not outstandingly happy, I’ll probably say “Oh no, that’s awful!” With a laugh, of course. Because I laugh a lot.

These phases I go through seem to apply to all areas of my life. I once ate oatmeal for breakfast for three months straight. (Oatmeal with chocolate chips? Hi, count me in please.)

I have three cats named Romeo, Juliet, and Hermione. And no, Hermione’s not named after Harry Potter.

As of May 11th, I’ll have been with my boyfriend, Dan, for two years now…he’s done a pretty damn impressive job of putting up with me, I must say.

I love running. Like I really just love it. Not treadmill running, though; that’s awful. And preferably on days that aren’t too hot and aren’t too cold. And also preferably at night.

But I’m not picky or anything.

Or sarcastic.

I love to laugh. More than anything in the world. It’s a beautiful sound (well…not so much when I’m laughing. I’m awkward. But in theory!) and it’s the best medicine.


I’m absolutely terrible at decision making. Really. Ask me if I want coffee or tea and I’ll stare at you for ten minutes before you finally slink off and I realize that I guess I’m stuck with neither.

I can juggle!

I love mac and cheese, avocados, chocolate, smoothies (green ones!), and anything cake-batter flavored. Mmmm, and pasta. I love pasta.

To the best of my ability, though, I try to eat pretty healthily, and so unfortunately, I can’t have mac and cheese for three meals a day.

I think my perfect idea of a date would be taking a hike in the woods and stopping for a picnic lunch…though I’m also perfectly okay doing that by myself (:

Lots of love,



I would love love love for you to leave me a comment!

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