It’s A Great Day To Be Alive

Dan took me fishing!!!



I’ve only ever gone fishing once before (also with Dan) and I somehow managed to break the fishing rod that he’d borrowed from his brother for me to use ): I felt awful, and he wouldn’t let me buy a new one! I’m happy to say there were no such mishaps today. There were also no fish, though! Not even bites, so we turned in pretty early.

Which is fine by me, because I only love fishing as a way to spend time with Dan and be in the relaxation of nature. I’m not sure how I feel about it morally…I always feel bad for the fish, and even the worms. ): But it’s much better than factory fishing or those huge nets that they use to get massive amounts of fish for people to buy in stores! Plus we throw the fish back. I just try to trust Dan when he says that the hooks don’t hurt them..

Dan, looking all professional:


Me, looking all…inappropriate:


Isn’t there something about nature that’s just so serene and relaxing??

It’s like you can go there and forget all your worries for a little bit. It’s a great escape.

It’s gorgeous out today, and Dan and I were singing “It’s a great day to be alive…I know the sun’s still shinin’ when I close my eyes” as we walked along! I love country music!

And then Dan dumped creek water on me and I screamed like a girl.

I also took a Luna Bar break, of course (:


I always tend to think that the chocolate Luna bars have a sort of weird after taste to them. Anyone else?

I still eat them, though, so they obviously can’t be that bad!

Dan and I are heading off to lunch–a McDonald’s parking lot date, while he eats his burgers and I eat my homemade pita wrap. Aren’t we classy? (;

And then it’s work work work for the rest of the day for me ):

(Well, that’s what I’m telling myself. I usually find time to take a break and make…oh, I don’t know, cookies or something…)

My lunch:

  • Half a pita wrap
  • Amy’s veggie burger
  • Handful spinach cooked with a pinch of garlic
  • Sun-dried tomato and basil hummus I made yesterday
  • Apple
  • Grapes


We’ll see if I’m still hungry when  I get back…

All bagged up and ready for my fancy date (;


I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna work out today or not. I’ve worked out the past three days, so I’ll have to see. It really is beautiful today, though, so the streets may just call my name (: (Although they don’t always win out over my bed…tehee.)

Welp, I shall be back tonight to explain the blog title!

Lots of love,






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