Philadelphia’s Broad Street Run!

My run was today!!! Woot woot (: I ran the Philadelphia Broad Street run, which is 10 miles long. I’ve run it once before, but I was in seventh grade and had done literally nothing to prepare for it at all!


broad street before


broad street after

Wow, I looked so much sweatier in real life…lol

It was actually so much more fun than I was even expecting! The atmosphere was great and everyone just seemed to be having a blast. I almost didn’t even feel like I was racing! I actually took my headphones out so that I could hear what was going on around me rather than my music, and trust me when I say that I neverrrr do that. And I got a time of 1:29:40, which was an 8:57 mile pace–not too bad! (:

broad street starting line

Mile 1:

Mile one pretty much flew by! It got off to a rough start–I decided AS they shot the gun that now would be a good time to use the bathroom before I started, and so I pretty much ran back to the start line. But I was so excited to finally start (we’d sat around foreverrr waiting, and I was freezing at this point) and I just took the first mile pretty slow and easy.

Mile 2:

Well, when I looked at my watch at the beginning of mile 2, 10 minutes had already gone by and I knew that I would need to pick up my pace a little bit if I was going to make my goal time! (Around/under 1:30.) I started to pick up the pace a little, but the problem was that it was so congested everywhere, so even when I was trying to run fast, I couldn’t always do so!

Mile 3:

Mile 3 was when I started worrying that I had to pee again (I know, there’s something wrong with me! lol). I kept running, though, going at my nice steady pace! I was comfortable and happy that I’d decided to take my jacket off, as the sun really was beaming. I was starting to cramp up a little bit, though, which I kept hoping would go away…

Mile 4:

I think the thoughts going through my head were something along the lines of “Should’ve brought money so I could use a bathroom at a McDonald’s or something along the way. I wonder if that bank would mind if I stopped there…” hah! I hate hate hate needing to go to the bathroom when I”m running. I find it more uncomfortable than anything else, and so that was pretty much all that was on my mind around now. Oh, and I still had my cramp ): Luckily, even though it was pretty bad, it wasn’t one of the ones I couldn’t run through!

Mile 5:

Was I ever happy to see that mile 5 sign and know that I was halfway there! My time was around 46:50 when I crossed the mile 5 marker, so I knew that even though I had to keep picking up my pace, I was going much faster than when I started off! Still had my cramp, though, and it only seemed to be getting worse! I told myself that I could stop and walk for a little bit if I needed to. (Though I’m proud to say I didn’t have to!)

Mile 6:

Mile 6 was a blur. I think that somewhere around here I took my headphones out, because it was a lot more fun listening to the people screaming and cheering around me than to my music that I could barely even hear over the roar of the crowd! I also remember thinking to myself that it was weird that I’d stopped needing to pee. But I tried to get my mind off this topic fast, before my body could remember!

Mile 7:

Only 3 more to go! I kept thinking to myself. I’ve gone farther than this in my cross country runs! I remember picking up my pace a little bit here knowing that I was approaching the end. I also tried drinking Gatorade for the first time instead of water, thinking that I could use the sugars.

Mile 8:

Two more miles left! My cramp was really bad and I kept hoping that I wouldn’t have to walk near the finish. I was scared to pick up my pace any more than what it was in case my cramp got worse. Oh, and those damn people who finish the race in like 10 minutes and then decide to jog back along the course…WE ALL HATE YOU.

Mile 9:

Oh, what a beautiful sign the mile 9 marker was! I picked up my pace during this mile, slowed back down when I couldn’t keep it for too long, and then picked it back up again, trying my best to finish strong! I think my biggest mistake here, though, was that I didn’t stop to drink any water–I’d been using the water stations as mini breaks to walk for a couple of seconds before I got back to it, but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do this and still come in under 1:30–and so I didn’t! This was a bad idea, though, because I was super thirsty. But I didn’t worry about it too much because I knew the end was near!

MILE 10!

Weee, sprint to the finish! I always wonder how fast my sprints actually are–I know that even though it feels like I’m flying, it’s probably just a pathetic jog after all those miles! I went right through the finish line towards the water/Gatorade, and then attempted to search for Dan in the huge crowd of people!

broad street

(Okay, so that’s the starting line, but you get the idea)

What I learned:

1. Don’t skip the water stations!

2. The outsides of the street are the most fun–people stop to high five you along the way–but they’re also probably going to be the most congested areas. You gotta pick and choose your battles on this one.

3. You’re supposed to pick up your race bib in the days before the race. It spares you time and race anxiety as you realize this the morning of and begin to question whether or not you’ll still be able to run.

4. Pee before the race. As many times as you can. Really, just keep going.

5. Spectators are GREAT and they make the race so much fun.

6. Don’t put an estimated finish time too too much slower than you plan to finish, because then you’ll have a later start time than others and as a result be behind more people that you’ll have to pass.

7. Remember to put on deodorant that morning. It could save you encounters in which the boyfriend says that something smells and when you jokingly remark that it’s probably you, he turns to you and says “nahh I smelled you earlier; you have a different sweat smell.”

8. You will probably regret it later if you don’t take a pretzel at the finish line. Come on now. I should’ve known that one, though.

9. Gatorade isn’t as thirst-quenching as water, but I did like the fact that it probably restored my glycogen stores a little bit.

10. HAVE FUN WITH IT! The time literally means nothing if you’re not having fun!

Oh, and also, definitely make sure you have someone there willing to take you out afterwards to your favorite restaurant (: And then to Whole Foods to get Kite Hill cheese lol. Dan loves me…

broad street1

To be completely honest, the ten miles didn’t feel as hard as I expected them to at all. I’m kind of wondering if maybe I didn’t push myself hard enough?? I had a great time, though, and I’m super proud of myself for not stopping to walk other than my mini breaks at the water stations!

I think if I were to do it again, I would make sure that my first mile was a little bit faster than it was! I also wish there were a way to avoid all the congestion, because it was really hard passing people at times.

I think my favorite part was this lady leaning halfway out of her second story window shouting at us to keep going. And I also saw 5 guys dressed up in full-on Dunkin Donut coffee cup costumes that said “America runs on Dunkin”…I loved it!

Well, I have finals studying that I’ve been procrastinating, so I’d best get to that…


But classes are over after this week! Woohooo!

Lots of love,